Canadians for Democracy and Prosperity to Co-Host Conference with Alberta Proud on Value of Alberta

January 6, 2020 (Calgary, AB): Canadians for Democracy and Prosperity is co-hosting a conference with Alberta Proud on the Value of Alberta in the Canadian Federation. The event is being sponsored by the Buffalo Project.

Alberta’s economy continues to struggle because of a lack of export capacity for its oil and gas resources. This has led to high unemployment, low economic growth, and the flight of investment from Alberta to other jurisdictions. Anti-oil and gas policies on the part of the federal government and other provinces have only made this situation worse. At the same time, Albertans continue to contribute billions of dollars in equalization payments every year to fund programs across Canada.

Albertans are now asking themselves if remaining part of the Canadian Federation is truly in their best interests.

“Albertans have always shown incredible generosity to their fellow Canadians, but this generosity is
not being returned in the form of new pipelines or support for our most important industry,” said Canadians for Democracy and Prosperity founder Prem Singh. “Important questions about the value of Alberta to the rest of Canada and Alberta’s relationship with the Canadian Federation are now being asked by Albertans concerned about their futures.”

“The West has contributed tens of billions in fiscal transfers to the federal government and to other provinces through equalization – a large portion of those transfers come from the West’s oil and gas sectors,” said Buffalo Project spokesperson Derek Robinson. “Will the rest of Canada acknowledge the incredible economic value of our responsible and sustainable oil and gas sector, or will they continue to denigrate the West and hamstring our economy?”

The one-day Value of Alberta conference will be held at the Telus Convention Centre in Calgary on January 18, 2020. It will feature a series of expert panels and speakers covering a range of substantial topics including the fiscal viability of an independent Alberta, the history of Alberta’s
place in Confederation, provincial free trade, and the social impact of pursuing independence.

“We believe that the issues facing Alberta aren’t partisan. Albertans on both the left and the right of the political spectrum are worried about the future of our province,” said Singh. “They want to know that their provincial and federal governments are aware of the magnitude of the problems facing Alberta and the need for serious and rapid progress to secure our province’s economic

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Ms. Prem Singh
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Canadians for Democracy and Prosperity

Mr. Derek Robinson
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Buffalo Project


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