Promoting conservative values: lessons from Tucker Carlson

On Saturday September 22nd, Canadians for Democracy and Prosperity was formally launched at an event which featured a private dinner and conversation with leading American political commentator and author Tucker Carlson.

Almost 100 people came to hear from someone who has been a key member of the United States conservative movement for decades and hear his insights on the challenges facing the conservative movement globally.

In his remarks and subsequent question and answer session, Mr. Carlson touched on several key issues which conservatives in both Canada and United States have been grappling with over the past decade.

He noted that freedom of speech, and every more worryingly, freedom of personal opinion are under continuous assault by those who seek to delegitimize differing points of view in the name of political correctness. He gave examples of university professors who had been silenced by their administrations for articulating controversial opinions and politicians labeled as racist and bigoted for not supporting unfettered immigration and full amnesty for illegal immigrants.

Mr. Carlson noted that whereas conservatives approach public policy by looking at what has worked and what has not, and then sought to advance public policies which have proven effective at addressing problems, the left has increasingly seen support for their policies, regardless of their effectiveness, as akin to religious orthodoxy, while castigating opponents as heretics. He noted the hypocrisy many on the left have shown by advocating for measures, such as reducing carbon emissions, while they continue to live lifestyles totally incompatible with those measures.

He pointed out how the left’s obsession with "their cause” while ignoring the facts and evidence is on full display when it comes to the issue of pipelines. New pipeline projects face endless protests from the left while ignoring the fact that oil is being shipped by rail car instead at a significantly higher risk of spill. If those truly concerned about the environment wanted to significantly increase environmental safety, they would champion pipeline construction as the safest way to transport oil. The fact they don’t shows their intellectual dishonesty on this issue.

Attendees raised the issue of the impact and importance – both positive and negative – of social media, and Mr. Carlson’s comments on it were worrying. He noted that many of these companies, who control key communications channels, were actively censoring conservative voices. He also made the important point that these companies have no loyalty other than to their global shareholders, many of whom do not share the same values as liberal democracies.

On the issue of Canada-US relations, Mr. Carlson noted that President Trump does not hold the current Canadian Prime Minister in high regard and will prey on his weakness, and that as a result Canada’s position in NAFTA negotiations remain at an impasse.  He noted previously the virtually indistinguishable culture and historical closeness of the two countries has generally led to Americans ignoring the relationship.

Mr. Carlson ended with a call to action saying that as conservatives, and those who believe in freedom of speech and freedom of belief, should stop accepting the ongoing slide towards identity politics. Small, repeated acts of defiance against the oppressive groupthink of the left may not change our politics overnight, but sends the message that these negative trends are not universally supported, and that there is still a sizeable cohort of individuals who belief in personal liberty and responsibility.

We would like offer our sincere thanks to our premier sponsor Merit Contractors Association, and to our gracious venue host Marg Southern and Spruce Meadows for their generous support of our event.

We sincerely thank all of those that attended.

Canada is closed for business. Our energy resources are landlocked, our regulatory system, budget and foreign trade (especially NAFTA) have been infused with gender and cultural demands which have made our nation a laughing stock and financially paralyzed. Our head of government is viewed as profoundly unserious by other world leaders.  Tax and spend is the government mantra, open borders and unvetted illegal asylum seekers are the new standard in our immigration system– and globalist politics have “trumped” common sense.

Alberta is suffering greatly and western alienation is on the rise, greater than it was during Pierre Elliott Trudeau times. What happens in the coming year will have a profound effect on the future of our province and country.

In order to survive and prosper, we must be allowed to develop the resources we have been blessed with, foster free market policies and enforce proper immigration standards.

It is up to grassroots Canadians to become engaged and we urge all of you to have these conversations with your friends, families and co-workers.


Prem K. Singh



About Canadians for Democracy and Prosperity:

Canadians for Democracy and Prosperity (CDP) is an advisory firm that supports advancing opportunity for ALL Canadians through education, advocacy, and research. The CDP advocates on issues which advance and promote free enterprise, fiscal responsibility, and real accountability at the municipal, provincial, and federal levels. We are committed to training and supporting a new generation of political leadership that puts power and influence back into the hands of everyday voters.


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