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Canadians for Democracy and Prosperity is looking to hire summer interns for its first Summer Internship Program. You'll be based out of downtown Calgary and have...

Canadians for Democracy and Prosperity (CDP) is looking for interns to participate in its inaugural summer internship program.

The program is focused on providing interns with extensive training in effective political advocacy so that they can take on an active role in advancing opportunity for all Canadians.

Interns will participate in the following activities during their three months in the program:

1. Political advocacy and campaign training.
2. Research on current public policy issues in Alberta.
3. Planning political advocacy campaigns..

Interns will also network with guest speakers, including elected officials, academics, journalists, campaign professionals, and other prominent individuals who will share their experiences and offer a unique perspective into the world of politics and advocacy.

As part of the program, interns will also have the opportunity to participate in political campaigns taking place during the summer. This includes volunteering at events, participating in campaign planning sessions, performing door-to-door canvassing for candidates, and assisting with social media and digital engagement.

Successful applicants will have some prior political and/or advocacy experience, with a desire to take what they have learned from the program and put it to work once they have completed their internships.

Applicants should be passionate about restoring Alberta as the economic engine of Canada, and taking on increasingly significant roles in the critical area of Third Party/Political Action Committee issue campaigns.

The program begins June 4, 2018, and concludes on August 17, 2018, and will work out of a CDP office in downtown Calgary, Alberta. In order to be eligible for the program, you must be a current student at a post-secondary institution, or have graduated in either Fall 2017, or Spring 2018.

Interns will be paid a monthly stipend of $2,000.

To apply, please e-mail [email protected] with your resume, cover letter, and references.

You must also answer the following written answer question:

"Since the election of the NDP government in 2015, Albertans of every age and background are facing unprecedented challenges. In your opinion, what is the single biggest challenge facing young Albertans (those under 25 years of age), and what specific public policy change would you make to address this challenge?" (Word limit: 250 words)

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