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Executive Director at Progress Alberta

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  • signed up on It's About Youth 2019-03-08 09:14:45 -0700

    It's About Youth

    Are governments and political parties talking about issues that matter to you?

    Younger voters, those under the age of 35, have distinctly difference priorities that are frequently ignored by those in power or running for office.

    Will there be good-paying jobs that lead to successful careers?

    Were you given the education you need to make smart financial decisions in your life?

    Are government deficits today limiting the public services you’ll need in the future?

    Is the cost of everyday things like groceries, rent, gas, and utilities so high that you’re having trouble paying your bills each month?

    Are governments increasingly limiting your free speech and freedom to think – even on university campuses?

    Have you lost trust in governments, politicians, and the institutions that govern us?

    These are the questions that too many governments and politicians are ignoring.

    As both Alberta and Canada face elections in 2019, Canadians for Democracy and Prosperity will be advancing issues that matter to younger voters.

    After all, politics isn’t just something that happens in a distant office that only affects other people.


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