National Leadership on Pipeline Construction

As Canada's pipelines remain stalled in a sea of regulatory red tape, ongoing court actions, and political interference, the United States is pursuing a more determined course to end pipeline construction gridlock.

Trudeau Government's Information Control

The Trudeau Liberal government has begun a concerted effort to control the information that Canadians receive regarding politics and policy - especially during elections.

As you may recall from last year, the Trudeau Liberals announced a $600 million fund to support Canadian mainstream media. Who receives money from this fund will be determined by an "expert" panel, chosen by the Liberal government.

Join us for a movie night where we watch "The Creepy Line"

Millions of Canadians use digital tools like Facebook and Google each and every day. They've become an indispensable part of our everyday lives and something we use without thinking too much about them.

However, as we surrender more and more personal information to these global technology giants, is there a risk that there's something more sinister about how they're using our personal information?

Merry Christmas

This fall and winter season was politically turbulent both domestically and globally. Rising anger on the part of populations who see their governments as either indifferent to their concerns or actively hostile to their best interests coloured every major news event.

Here is a look at some of the major stories from Fall 2018, and a look ahead into 2019 from our Canadians for Democracy and Prosperity team.

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