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Alberta's inability to move its oil and gas resources to international markets represents a critical threat to its longterm economic prosperity.


At the same time, Albertans continue to contribute billions of dollars in equalization payments every year to fund programs across Canada.

Albertans are now asking themselves if remaining part of the Canadian Federation is truly in their best interests.

Canadians for Democracy and Prosperity is excited to co-host a conference with Alberta Proud, sponsored by the Buffalo Project, on the Value of Alberta to the Canadian Federation.

The one-day Value of Alberta conference will be held at the Telus Convention Centre in Calgary on January 18, 2020. It will feature a series of expert panels and speakers covering a range of substantial topics including the fiscal viability of an independent Alberta, the history of Alberta’s place in Confederation, provincial free trade, and the social impact of pursuing independence.

Confirmed speakers for the event include:

  • Lord Conrad Black - "Is there a Canadian Manifesto without Alberta?"
  • Economist Dr. Jack Mintz and former Finance Minister Hon. Joe Oliver - "Fiscal imbalance and the value of resources to Canada"
  • Dr. Ted Morton - "What we’ve tried before: Was the ‘West Wants In’ a worthwhile failure or just a failure?"

The conference's sessions will be moderated by journalist and former Alberta Opposition Leader Danielle Smith.

For more information about the conference or to register to attend, please visit



Canadians for Democracy and Prosperity

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