Advancing Opportunity through Education, Advocacy, and Networking.


Democracy and prosperity for ALL Canadians.


About us

We are a consulting and advocacy group that supports democracy and prosperity for all Canadians. We believe in advancing opportunity through education, advocacy, and networking.

Our creative and passionate team want to partner with businesses and groups who are similarly passionate about strengthening democracy and prosperity in Canada. We do not believe that maintaining the status quo or simply accepting some problems as unsolvable is adequate. We will work with you to unleash the power of modern communication, persuasion, and motivation tools to ensure your success and growth.


Our services include

  • Advocacy planning

  • Political training

  • Digital engagement

  • Marketing and advertising

  • Government relations

  • Strategy Message/Brand Development

  • Public relations graphic and web design

  • Crisis communications and management

  • Database development

  • Campaign management


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Canadians for Democracy and Prosperity