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  • signed Freedom to Speak. Freedom to Think. 2020-01-18 00:01:32 -0700

    Freedom to Speak. Freedom to Think.

    We need to ensure that here in Canada, Canadians will always have the freedom to speak, and the freedom to think.

    Freedom of speech and freedom of thought are two fundamental rights protected by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

    Increasingly, these rights are being eroded.

    At universities, controversial speakers are being banned from campuses. Students are being punished for expressing opinions which run contrary to those of their professors. Even some professors are being punished by their faculties and university administrators for allowing free and open debate in their classrooms, because it might make some students feel “uncomfortable.”

    Meanwhile, the federal government is limiting free debate by limiting political speech on social media channels and pushing technology companies to ban accounts who are critical of the government.

    They’ve also eroded freedom of the press in Canada by giving taxpayer dollars to “approved” media companies, selected by a board with a strong pro-government bias.

    Canadians rightly take a strong position opposing speech which encourages hate and violence, but these changes are going far beyond those reasonable limits. Taken together, they paint a worrying picture about the erosion of some of our fundamental rights and freedoms here in Canada.

    Our “Freedom to Speak. Freedom to Think.” campaign is encouraging Canadians to stand up for their protected rights and freedoms, and demand change from their elected officials.


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